Install Outlook 2007

Download Outlook 2007 from GridWay

Please contact GridWay Support to download the latest version of Microsoft Outlook.

Phone: 613.226.3223 Option 1

Open the Outlook 2007 Zip File

Save the Outlook ‘.zip’ download file to a location on your computer (ie: C:\Temp)

Once the download has completed:

  • Find and double-click on the Outlook file to open it
  • In the file explorer window drag the Outlook 2007 folder to your Desktop








Once the Outlook 2007 folder is copied to your desktop:

  • Double-click on the folder to open it
  • Find and double-click on the Setup.exe program icon
  • Click Run if you are prompted with “Do you want to run this file?”









The installation will begin.

The installer will start, and once files have been copied to your computer you will see aProduct Key screen:












  • Enter the Outlook Product Key provided by GridWay support
  • Click Continue


Read and understand the Microsoft license agreement

  • Check the “I accept the terms of this agreement” box












Click Continue

Choose the installation you want

Check the Install Now box













Once the Outlook installer completes, click the Go to Office Online button to install any Microsoft Office Outlook updates that are available:













The Outlook installation is complete.