Configure Outlook 2011

Create a new GridWay E-mail Account

Start Outlook 2011 for MAC

Click on Add Account
















Click on the Exchange Account icon in the Add an Account window















Enter User Information

  • Enter your E-mail address in the field provided.
  • Set Authentication Method to User Name and Password
  • Enter your E-mail address in User name field
  • Enter your Password in the field provided
  • Check the Configure automatically checkbox








Click on the Add Account button.

After the Detecting Exchange Server window completes…

  • Check the Always use my response for this server checkbox








Click the Allow button.

Your account is now configured. It will show a ‘yellow’ status as it begins its intiial synchronization with the server.















You can restart Outlook while the synchronization runs.

Configuration of Outlook is complete.



If you have trouble connecting to the Exchange server….

To verify the connection is correct, click Advanced… on the Accounts window for the GridWay email account you have created.

On the Server tab, verify the following settings:

Server:  :  443

Uncheck: Override default port

Check: Use SSL to connect

Uncheck: Download headers only

Directory service Server should be blank

Uncheck: Override default port

Uncheck: Use SSL to connect

Check: Log in with my Exchange account credentials

Maximum number of results to return: 1000

Search base: blank


On the Delegates tab, verify the following settings:

Settings should be blank unless you have allowed others to access your email (call support for more details)


On the Security tab, verify the following settings:

Digital signing Certificate: None Selected

Encryption Certificate: None Selected

Encryption algorithm: AES-256

Uncheck Encrypt outgoing messages

Certificate authentication Cient certificate: None Selected