CanIt Home

The Home page consists of two areas.

The first section allows you to quickly adjust how aggressive you want the SPAM filter to be for your E-mail account.

  • Making the filter more Strict increases the possibility a valid E-mail could be mistaken as SPAM and discarded.
  • Making the filter more Lenient increases the possibility that SPAM messages will be delivered to your INBOX.


Figure: Section 1

Generally, the default values are reasonable and usually acceptable. The first section also includes a quick Add button to add e-mail addresses to your accept/reject lists (see ‘Rules‘ for more detail).

The second section is the list of Pending Messages that have been quarantined by CanIt. These are the Potential SPAM messages as described above. The SPAM filter has quarantined these here because they could not conclusively be categorized as Valid E-mail or SPAM. Instead of guessing at what to do CanIt leaves the decision to you.


If you choose to do nothing with the Pending Messages, they will eventually be marked as SPAM, automatically.

For each E-mail message in the Quarantine, you will see the Date it came in, the Subject of the message, Who it was from, and current status — which will be ‘Pending’ for new messages.

Review each message based on the Subject and Sender details.

If the message appears to be Valid, TAG it as a Valid message CanItCheck or TAG it as SPAM CanItX


Figure: Tagged Messages

Once you are finished marking each message, click the CanItSubmit button.


  • click on the Subject of a message to review the full E-mail message at any time.
  • click on the Date field of a message to see details of how the message was classified.
  • TAG all messages on the current screen using the All: buttons (then Submit Changes).