SPAM Notification

Potential SPAM

The CanIt SPAM Filter will notify you by E-mail of any messages that it has determined to be Potential SPAM (by default, this notification occurs once per day at 3pm — but you can change this in user preferences).

The message you receive is similar to:



There are three ways you can deal with the SPAM quarantine notification e-mail:

  • You can click on one of the Quick-Action links for each message that has been quarantined (IE: if one important message is to be accepted, click on the Accept link for that message).
  • You can also click on the View Trap link at the bottom of your Pending Messages to go to the CanIt Spam filter and manage your spam quarantine.
  • You can click on the Reject All as Spam link to reject all the messages in the Pending Messages List.

If you choose to do nothing and just leave the messages on the SPAM filter alone, you will continue to receive notification reports until the messages expire on the server and are automatically moved to the SPAM category.

Note: Since the message being sent to you can contain SPAM keywords, Microsoft Outlookmay catch the notification e-mail and put it in your Junk E-mail folder. If this happens, right-click on the SPAM notifiction E-mail and select Junk E-mail, then Add Sender to Safe Sender’s List.