Categorizing Email

How Email is Categorized

All of the E-mail sent to your GridWay Hosted E-mail account will pass through our anti-SPAM E-mail filters. The SPAM filter is the CanIt solution from Roaring Penguin Software.

The CanIt SPAM filter does a good job of detecting and getting rid of SPAM, while allowing valid E-mail to be delivered. When the CanIt SPAM filter receives an E-mail message is will use complex learning algorithms to classify the message as one of:

  1. Valid E-mail, which is delivered.
  2. Obvious SPAM, which is automatically just dropped
  3. Potential SPAM, which is put into Quarantine (a “Trap Area”) and held onto
















Valid E-Mails are delivered to your INBOX. If you receive E-Mail that is classified as Obvious SPAM it will be recorded and rejected at the SPAM Filter. Category 2, Potential SPAM, is held on the CanIt SPAM filter in Quarantine requiring you to make the decision of whether the E-mail is SPAM or VALID.