Managing SPAM

SPAM: The Internet’s “Free” Service

SPAM is unsolicited E-mail messages sent to you in the attempt of advertising (often dubious) products, illegal services, or a form of legal commercial advertising. For a complete description on SPAM, please visit The SPAM Abuse Web Site.

GridWay provides filtering of SPAM E-mail messages (a service included with GridWay’s Managed Exchange Service and Total Protection Program) through

To log into the system enter your E-mail address as the Usernameand your own E-mail account’s Password (antispam is connected to your E-mail account domain).

The following links provide information on How To Use the SPAM Filter Tools to Manage any SPAM messages sent to you.

Click on any of the following links for help with the GridWay/CanIt anti-SPAM Filter….

What is SPAM and what is valid email?

When will you be notified and how?

How to Log in to review Quarantined email.

Elements of the Web Interface

The Home Tab described: Getting Started

The Quarantine Tab described: How to view Quarantined Messages

How to set up Custom Rules: Allow and Block email (whitelist and blacklist management)

User Interface Preferences: When to be notified and setting  your SPAM thresholds