IMAPS Settings

IMAPS Configuration

IMAPS can be used to connect Smart Phones and other devices to the the GridWay Exchange environment. For security reasons, you are required to set up IMAP with Authentication (provide a login/password), basic clear text IMAP is not supported.

To set up your Smart Phone, your Mail App will ask for some, but possibly not all of the information below.

The configuration information is:

Exchange – ‘Machpanel’:
Incoming IMAP Server:
Incoming IMAP Port Number: 993
Incoming Encryption: SSL
Outgoing Authentication: NTLM
Outgoing SMTP Server:
Outgoing SMTP Port Number: 587
Outgoing Encryption: TLS
Outgoing Authentication: NTLM

If you have trouble setting up a device for IMAPS, please contact GridWay Support