MAX Backup – The Top 5 Things You Need To Do After Installing

After installing MAX Backup, here are the top 5 things you need to do to streamline your installation.

  1. If you have opted to use your own security key, WRITE IT DOWN, save it in a secure location, even your safety deposit box. If you ever need to recover your information to another computer, without this key it will be impossible.
  2. Launch the Backup Manager, you will see a desktop icon, BackupManager and verify your file selection. Typically you should not backup the Download folder or any videos. (The maximum file size for any individual backup file is 2 GB.)  If you have a slow internet connection, consider backing up in stages, choosing the most important files first, then expanding your selection when the initial backup finishes.
  3. Your file retention period is 28 days. If you require longer retention, see Archiving below.
  4. Explore the options in Preferences.
    1. General
      1. Enter an email address and set the frequency of an optional status message. Weekly is usually sufficient.
    2. Schedule
      1. You can change the default backup schedule, times and days. You can even add multiple schedules per day.
    3. Performance
      1. If you have a slow internet connection, you may need to limit the upload bandwidth. You can customize this for certain times of the day.
    4. LocalSpeedVault
      1. If you have a local external hard drive, you can keep a copy of your backups there. This is useful if you’re frequently restoring files.
    5. Archiving
      1. Add a 4 week archive schedule if you need greater than 28 day file retention. This will keep your files indefinitely.
    6. BackupFilters
      1. Add file extensions to help you exclude certain file types from being backed up. e.g. *.exe, *.iso, *.zip etc.
    7. Advanced
      1. Leave this alone
    8. Seeding
      1. Useful if you have a large backup set and a slow internet connection. Copy to a portable hard drive then bring it to GridWay to upload.
  5. Change the SLEEP settings on your computer so it can backup overnight. Start a Backup