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There are so many reasons to love Microsoft Office 365. Employees can work remotely and, regardless of device or location, can access all of their applications and files. Many companies have migrated their email management to Office 365. Microsoft’s cloud-based service provides a convenient and scalable platform.

The integration with Office Suite software make its email solution a popular choice for many small and medium businesses. What are some of the most attractive features?

  • Filter Incoming Messages – Filter unwanted senders with a click of a button by checking the reputation of an external sender, from its IP address, before letting the messages it sends to the company enter end user inboxes.
  • Validate Messages – Verify the IP address of the sender from the origin of the email. Prevent malicious software or cyber criminals from phishing using an employee’s computer and account.
  • Implement Company-wide Rules – Simplify branding and sender authenticity by setting up an electronic signature.

These functions are useful; however, they do not fully meet the needs of businesses in terms of threats related to unwanted emails or retention compliance. Here are three common email threats:

  1. Retention of Deleted Emails – Office 365 only retains deleted emails for 30 days. However, most data regulations require data be held for at least seven years.
  2. Anti-spam integration – Most anti-spam programs are based in the English language. For French speaking customers and/or cyber criminals, most French expressions and words do not get picked up, thus providing threat actors with opportunities to deliver phishing emails.
  3. Ransomware – Ransomware can block access to critical business data until the ransom is paid. Although Office 365 filters some threats, its primary purpose is quite different. It is imperative to protect yourself properly.

Overcome these Office 365 weaknesses with GridWay’s service offerings, designed to enhance Office 365 management, backup and security. No longer take unnecessary risk in managing your business’s e-mail and communications.

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