How much money do you lose when your servers are down? How much money do you spend on server emergencies that otherwise could have been avoided? Businesses today have very little tolerance for server downtime and it is totally understandable. The financial losses associated with downtime are immeasurable. An idle workforce, impaired productivity, loss of data and the inability to process customer transactions all have immediate financial consequences. There are also a number of other hidden costs such as loss of reputation, damage to corporate brand and loss of customer loyalty which negatively impact a business’s bottom line.

With so much dependency on IT systems and electronically stored data, it is imperative that businesses take steps to reduce the incidences of downtime. GridWay offers server monitoring to customers who want to take proactive steps in the management of their servers and server farm.

Designed to send alerts when a critical threshold has been breached, server monitoring is a fundamental step in the reduction of downtime. Customers can also rely on GridWay to perform scheduled server maintenance, another important step that will help keep systems running optimally, as well as extend the life of system hardware and increase the level of security.

Benefits of the GridWay Server Monitoring

  • 24 x 7 remote monitoring
  • Detection of issues and events before they cause server interruption
  • Reduction of the amount of unplanned downtime
  • Scheduled maintenance windows with minimal disruption
  • Availability of historical and statistical data for diagnostic purposes
  • Tests run in designated intervals or at a scheduled time either daily, weekly or monthly
  • Customized reports based on the tests used