GridWay follows industry best practices when it comes to routine maintenance. As a proactive measure, regular server patching and maintenance will help reduce the incidences of server downtime. Combined with operating system patching, regular maintenance will also ensure that your valuable corporate information and core applications are secure.

Outsourcing this responsibility to GridWay will reduce the workload for busy internal IT departments who have a host of other pressing duties. For organizations with limited internal IT resources, GridWay’s Managed Services can offer tremendous value. Partnering with GridWay will provide peace of mind knowing that a professional IT organization is available when needed. Our technicians are trained to identify potential problems and provide clients with concrete recommendations for appropriate solutions.

For clients looking for an “a la carte” approach to hiring a managed services provider, GridWay would recommend both Server Monitoring and Server Maintenance at a minimum. These services can be obtained for a very affordable set monthly fee.