Gridway Disaster Recovery Service

Mitigate the risk of data loss and costly downtime from natural or man-made disasters with Gridway’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).

Gridway’s DRaaS solution leverages superior cloud-based resources, powerful Veeam technology and secure offsite storage facilities to keep your data secure and your business operational after a disaster.  Our affordable and scalable DRaaS solutions are trusted by businesses across Canada to keep their systems, applications and data secure and compliant.

Veeam Replication for DRaaS

  • Leverage Veeam for Off-Site Disaster Recovery, without investing in new infrastructure
  • Full and Partial recovery options, for optimal performance and resource usage

Flexible DRaaS Solutions To Meet Your Unique Business Needs

High Availability / Hot Site

  • Servers are continuously synchronized to Gridway’s data centres
  • Immediate failover is available when your servers go down
  • Hot site infrastructure without capital investment
  • Physical and virtual server replication and failover

Warm Site

  • Secondary recovery data center, provisioned on an as-needed basis
  • A budget-friendly alternative to disaster recovery Hot Sites
  • Physical and virtual server recovery
  • Hybrid DRaaS available to combine Warm Site and HA

GridWay’s replication service extends local and online backup by providing customers with enhanced data recovery options. Think of it as a form of insurance for your business. Virtual Servers which are configured to match your data and application requirements are pre-configured and standing by to run in our data centres when needed. In the event your servers fail, GridWay can instantly restore your environment and allow it to run on these emergency Virtual Servers. Remote access to these servers will enable you to continue to operate your business and mitigate downtime while you rebuild your local server environment. Finally, there is a way to put an affordable Business Continuity Plan in place that will safeguard your business.

GridWay’s replication service is also available for customers who do not operate a local backup solution.  Customers gain greater peace of mind knowing that a stand-by virtual server infrastructure is in place in the event of a disaster. GridWay can architect the solution in such a way that recovery can be performed literally within minutes.