Gridway Office 365

Ultimate Protection For Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive

Easily protect your business’s critical Office 365 data. Gridway’s Cloud-to-Cloud backup and recovery services integrate seamlessly with businesses’ normal use and meet policy, compliance and disaster recovery requirements.

Benefits of Office 365 Cloud-to-Cloud Backup:

  • Minimizes risk of data loss and assures availability of data
  • Recover directly back to Office 365
  • Helps meet audit and compliance requirements for backup and recovery
  • Reduce employee downtime by easily restoring lost data
  • Automated and on-demand backup
  • Point-in-time recovery with accurate and granular restore
  • Restore your data to its full and original state – including folder structures, categories, and more
  • Long term and unlimited retention of data exactly how it was, reducing costs and meeting RPOs
  • Stores all your Office 365 data in secure offsite storage, separated from Microsoft’s platform