GridWay offers highly effective virus protection as a managed service. There are no licenses to purchase nor do you have to worry about renewals or scheduling upgrades. Our managed Anti-Virus solution is included as part of our Total  Protection Program, or it can be purchased on its own. The affordable monthly fee is based on the number of servers  (Windows and Linux), desktop computers and laptops (PCs and Macs) being protected.

Easy to install, our Managed Anti-Virus (MAV) solution can be implemented  quickly and without disruption. It automatically removes existing Anti-Virus agents from devices so there is no impact on performance during implementation.
Unlike other popular solutions, our MAV uses less computer processing power during virus scans and therefore does not  impact performance. Users will not notice any slowdown when their computer is being scanned, so there is no need to  schedule scanning exclusively during off peak times. Devices will be scanned continuously and regularly so that your devices and network are kept safe and secure at all times.

As a managed service, GridWay will manage all Anti-Virus upgrades at no extra fee. Customers’ Anti-Virus status is monitored on a 24 x 7 basis from a central console and any troubleshooting is the responsibility of GridWay. Reports are also available to customers.