SPAM, the unsolicited email that clogs our bandwidth, fills our inbox, and potentially puts our systems at risk is more than just an annoyance. It can negatively impact user productivity and be a constant source of complaints heard by IT administrators. Loss of productivity means loss of revenue which in turn affects the bottom line. Luckily there is a cost effective Anti-SPAM Email Filter to block spam and mitigate the risks.

The GridWay anti-spam solution is available as a standalone solution, or purchased as part of other GridWay services, such as our Total Protection Program and Office 365 service. Our solution is a hosted service so there is no hardware to purchase or install.

All email is routed through the provider first, cleansed of blatant spam, then forwarded to the recipient company’s email server. This process reduces the amount of email messages that travel to the customer’s email server, thereby reducing the load on the available bandwidth and lessening the impact on the server and network.

Individual users receive a quarantine report at a designated time each day. For those who want to monitor inbound email more rigorously, these reports can be provided more frequently throughout the day. Users can then “Accept” or “Reject” the message either for that one time, or by permanently whitelisting or blacklisting the senders email address.

The monthly fee for the service is based on the number of mailboxes being protected and can be adjusted on a monthly basis as users are added and deleted.  There is no set up fee for the service, which is completely managed by GridWay.