Expert Managed Monitoring, Detection, Analysis, and Rapid Response

Your company’s IT infrastructure is dynamic and forever changing as employees use new devices, update software, and connect from unique locations. Securing all these moving parts is nearly impossible when you lack the tools or resources necessary for success.

The result? All those hours once devoted to meeting business goals are now spent worrying about cybersecurity.

Instead of playing catch-up, secure your business with a platform powerful enough to proactively identify vulnerabilities, detect cyber threats and risks across your networks, cloud services, and endpoints, and provide functional insights to resolve them with the help of our Managed Detection and Response services.

All-in-one Threat Monitoring, Analysis, and Response:

Say Goodbye to Confusing Threat Alerts, and Hello to AROs.

Our sophisticated monitoring and detection technologies and methodologies are transformed into actionable insights that help us quickly and proactively understand the response needed to secure your business.

We use analyst-verified threat data and prioritized, actionable reporting to help address threats as Actions, Recommendations and Observations (AROs). Our approach removes noise so that we can quickly action the alerts that matter with the context needed to resolve them.

Need Additional Help? We’ve Got Your Back.

Everything you need in one professionally managed cybersecurity service. Get peace of mind with a defined service and a team of experienced cyber pros to help continually protect your business. Our advanced cybersecurity services are built on software with years of research and development, cyber analysis and technology from some of the most secure, complex, and fast-paced security environments in the world.

GridWay works with small, medium and enterprise sized businesses, providing complete cyber and data security services including: