GridWay provides SharePoint consulting and migration services along with SharePoint managed services. With deep technical knowledge of SharePoint on-premises and in the cloud, our team handles migration to the platform’s latest versions (SharePoint 2013 and 2016), as well as helps organizations change their SharePoint deployment model and adopt SharePoint Online or Office 365.

We have extensive experience migrating customers and delivering full value for SharePoint deployments. Migrating to a new SharePoint implementation gives you many opportunities to substantially improve the utilization, processes and performance of SharePoint in your organization.

Our experience both migrating and managing SharePoint has given us many insights for rapidly improving customer SharePoint deployments.  We help organizations move their on-premise SharePoint to SharePoint Online or Office 365 while preserving functionality and delivering the value of the cloud capabilities.  It also gives you the opportunity for new features and generally improving the productivity of your employees when they use SharePoint.

Our SharePoint migration approach includes:

  • Assessment of the existing SharePoint environment and defining a clear migration model and plan
  • Analysis of current SharePoint sites, permissions and customization
  • Content analysis to determine critical content for priority migration
  • Site migrations along with reorganizing and customization determined in consultation with customers
  • Optimize SharePoint architecture, to reduce maintenance and support costs
  • Testing of the new SharePoint environment to ensure security, performance and consistent functionality
  • Training sessions for management of the new environment as well as end-users to ensure proper adoption

Dynamics 365 Migration and Implementation:

GridWay can assist you with migration and implementation of Dynamics 365 in your environment. We have extensive CRM experience across multiple implementations and ensure that your CRM deployment will achieve your business objectives. We deliver solutions that often also integrate CRM with other enterprise systems including ERP, accounting, websites and other software.

GridWay will enable maximum benefit from your Dynamics 365 deployment and will enable your employees with seamless access to customer information.  Our CRM experts will also consult with you to minimize work disruption and downtime during migration and will provide training to encourage positive adoption by end-users.