The majority of the team at GridWay has worked with each other for well over a decade. We value this dedication and in turn, foster an environment that promotes teamwork, collaboration, and cooperation. With a rich history in the Information Technology industry, our team have witnessed a myriad of changes in how businesses use technology. Monitoring those changes and responding with appropriate solutions that fit the market’s needs has been our focus.

Our leadership team have technical backgrounds and in the past have worked as IT administrators themselves so they understand and appreciate the pressures and demands placed on IT departments and IT personnel. Our entire team is focused on helping our customers achieve their own business goals by supporting their IT operations.  We can empathize and appreciate business owners who need to achieve their business objectives while also managing expenses and being fiscally responsible.

Our leadership team is actively involved in designing and implementing solutions to ensure success. Providing managed services to clients and operating a 24 x 7 Help Desk means that they have to be available at a moment’s notice and we all take tremendous pride in our responsiveness.

The GridWay team knows that the management and leadership team is focused on providing direction, opportunity, as well as mentoring and training. Customers know that they can count on our team to get involved when required to resolve any difficult issue.

GridWay is an agile company with an enterprise level mindset. Tools and processes are in place to ensure that service is delivered reliably and quickly so that the risk of downtime is mitigated. As a flat organization, decisions can be made quickly without the burden of red tape or presence of bureaucracy. Turning on a dime is paramount for a company who is responsible for resolving IT issues quickly and efficiently.