VMWare-based Private Cloud with the Power of Dedicated Hardware

GridWay’s Private Cloud offers the best of VMWare’s virtualization and management capabilities in a scalable cloud solution on 100% dedicated hardware infrastructure.  You get complete access to the VMWare technology to create, deploy and manage your VMs while GridWay takes care of the underlying infrastructure.

This is the best of both worlds where you can take advantage of hosted infrastructure but with dedicated resources, all while still operating in a monthly subscription model. You also get to leverage all your existing knowledge and experience with VMWare and its tools without having to learn an entirely new environment and approach to the public cloud.

Benefits of Private Cloud

  • Enhanced security of a dedicated, physically isolated network
  • Dedicated compute, memory and storage
  • Agility to deliver features faster by providing users with on-demand, self-service access to infrastructure
  • Full hypervisor VMWare ESX access
  • Gains in performance over public cloud
  • Always-on service and support
  • High performance with your choice of hardware
  • Single-tenant, dedicated VMWare private cloud
  • A private cloud cluster with easy add-ons for growth
  • Unlimited traffic and guaranteed bandwidth

Private Cloud Service lets you build your virtual data centre in the cloud using VMWare’s leading Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC) technologies. Enjoy all the advantages of on-site hosting, while still being able to upgrade your information systems in a scalable and efficient way.

GridWay does the hardware virtualization and management so if anything goes wrong, your dedicated hardware is automatically replaced to ensure your infrastructure’s high-availability.

GridWay’s Private Cloud also provides you with predictable expenses without the ups and downs of the public cloud. Our monthly subscription pricing is based on your hardware resources with VMWare licenses included so you have comfort that you won’t go over budget!