Gridway Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS is an affordable alternative to purchasing hardware and managing an on-premise data centre. Even small to medium-sized businesses can benefit from moving their infrastructure to the Cloud with Gridway. We take a hybrid approach to Cloud with IaaS and Private Cloud options to meet both your business’s and applications’ performance, security and compliance requirements.

GridWay’s IaaS Service includes everything you need:

  • Managed VMWare-based multi-tenant cloud platform
  • Hosted virtual servers
  • Flexible CPU, memory and storage for scalability
  • Highly proven Dell, NetApp and VMware infrastructure
  • Privacy and data protection
  • Managed security
  • Compliance assistance
  • Highly available environment with no single point of failure
  • Disaster Recovery (DRaaS) options with geo-redundancy
  • Canadian Data Centres

GridWay helps you choose the right options for your business and ensures proper resourcing and cost structure. An IaaS approach frees IT administrators from the day-to-day maintenance of servers and network hardware, giving them more time to focus on projects that are driving business success. Moving to the cloud means better agility, cost effective infrastructure and faster time to market. Gridway also make it easy to transition to the cloud with our migration services.

Benefits of the GridWay IaaS Service include:

  • Budget control with less capital investment and predictable monthly service fees
  • Easy scalability to increase business agility and respond to business needs
  • Full monitoring, management and maintenance to lower the risk of downtime
  • 24/7 access to a team of experienced service technicians
  • Simplified IT operations with a hosted solution that is a sustainable alternative to on-premise equipment
  • Investment maximization by shifting budget and resources to drive your business and improve customer service

Built on GridWay’s redundant server infrastructure and designed with high availability, IaaS provides virtual server environments that are highly reliable and secure. Monitored, managed and maintained by GridWay’s experienced technical team, there is very little required of the customers’ IT administrators.

The demand for Hybrid Cloud in Canada continues to grow. According to IDC (Adoption of Cloud in Canada: A Global Perspective), 80% of IT managers believe that simplified management is key for cloud success.

GridWay can host and manage clients entire IT infrastructures, changing Capex to Opex and giving clients’ better peace of mind.