Gridway Desktop as a Service

Companies are wrestling with the onset of the BYOD phenomenon – Bring Your Own Device – employees using their own personal computing devices at work. While this may seem innocuous, companies need to find ways to protect their corporate data, streamline the deployment of applications, and control access to information. Managing and maintaining a fleet of disparate desktops and mobile devices can consume time and resources otherwise better spent on new IT initiatives needed to drive business. If precautions are not taken, desktops, laptops and other mobile devices collectively create the majority of the security vulnerabilities for any given organization.

Centrally storing corporate data, providing secure access to designated applications and information, and  deploying personal “virtual desktops” to end users regardless of the device they have, is achievable through the  GridWay Desktop as a Service, commonly referred to as DaaS. Powered by VMware, the GridWay DaaS is a true hosted Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution providing a choice of Windows® desktop operating systems.

GridWay can deliver desktops as a service to end users from our data centre with levels of availability and  reliability unmatched by traditional PCs. Users can access their personal desktop from any device, at anytime, from  anywhere, giving them more flexibility and enabling greater mobility. Centralizing the management of desktops  as well as the user applications, increases control over access to data and enables better endpoint security. We  can create virtual pools of desktops and easily set customized desktop policies for individual customers. With  the ability to use desktop images we can deploy new desktops rapidly and efficiently, thereby increasing user  productivity and reducing administrative costs.


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