Gridway Cloud

The Cloud symbol has become synonymous with the Internet. Cloud Computing quite simply is the delivery of computer processed information to the end user over the Internet but thanks to marketing experts the term “Cloud” has become extremely popular and is driving a revolution in the Information Technology industry.

More affordable bandwidth and the increasing availability of Internet access has made Cloud computing a viable alternative for many businesses. Reducing the amount of server and network infrastructure that has to be maintained on site, Cloud computing provides businesses with the opportunity to reduce capital expenditure and the associated hardware maintenance.

Businesses are ripe to reduce expenses and upfront capital investments so a move to a monthly billing model is extremely attractive. Hosted Cloud services are designed as monthly subscriptions so there are benefits for both the provider and the customer, making this a very positive change for the industry.

Another significant driver in this evolution “to the Cloud” has been the adoption of server virtualization and shared network storage. Service providers can offer affordable XaaS solutions to customers – such as Software as a Service, Desktop as a Service, and Infrastructure as a Service to name a few.

GridWay offers a wide variety of Cloud services including: