Happy Holidays from GridWay

Hello friends,

When the GridWay team considers the benefits of being in our business, we think of our relationships with our customers, partners, and supporters like you. Thank you for your continued trust and collaboration, which gives us the opportunity to do what we enjoy everyday.

GridWay supports disaster recovery of all kinds. This year, as a part of the Storagepipe group, GridWay is honoured to financially support Food Banks BC in their critical work distributing food and ...

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Happy Holidays from GridWay

Hello friends,

As 2020 draws to a close, GridWay wants to thank our customers, partners and supporters for working alongside us during this remarkable and challenging year to continue to protect your businesses and organizations.

As the pandemic introduced a global health disaster unseen in scale since the early 20th century, GridWay responded to urgent requests for help from customers old and new alike as they fought to keep their lights on.

Fortunately, responding to disaster is what we do best.

From enabling businesses ...

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Trending Covid-19 Phishing Scam Attempts

As we protect ourselves from the continuing impacts of COVID-19 on our businesses, it is worth remembering that in addition to the threats posed by the virus, we are also increasingly at risk from scammers and hackers seeking to exploit existing cybersecurity gaps (and our general sense of panic) through various phishing and spear-fishing campaigns and malware scams.
At GridWay, we’ve seen a significant increase in phishing scam attempts this year.

Here are some COVID-19 phishing scam examples, targeting North American users:

  • Delivery ...
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Office 365 vs. Third Party Hosted Exchange

Small and medium-sized businesses are certainly not without options in regard to how they manage their documents, store their files, access word processing applications, internally communicate, and send emails. As an IT Managed Services Provider, the question has recently been raised as to whether small and medium-sized businesses should choose Office 365 or Hosted Exchange.

What is a Third Party Hosted Exchange?

Hosted Exchange basically means renting an off-site sever in a secure location that will enable office processes to occur on-site. ...

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Keep Your Office 365 Management Easy


There are so many reasons to love Microsoft Office 365. Employees can work remotely and, regardless of device or location, can access all of their applications and files. Many companies have migrated their email management to Office 365. Microsoft’s cloud-based service provides a convenient and scalable platform.

The integration with Office Suite software make its email solution a popular choice for many small and medium businesses. What are some of the most attractive features?

  • Filter Incoming Messages – Filter unwanted senders with ...
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Why You Should Implement Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Cyber-attacks continue to make headlines on an almost daily basis. It’s easier than ever before for hackers to breach cybersecurity defenses. Not many organizations are taking the necessary steps to protect themselves, their employees and their user data. According to the Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report 2019, 80% of security breaches involve compromised passwords. One way to protect your business from cyber criminals is to implement Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

MFA is a security system that uses multiple ...

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Top Canadian Backup and Disaster Recovery Services Firm Storagepipe Acquires Ottawa’s Leading Managed Service Provider GridWay Computing Corporation

TORONTO, ON – February 26, 2019 – Storagepipe Solutions Inc., the leading Canadian company in backup and disaster recovery services, is pleased to announce its acquisition of GridWay Computing Corporation, Ottawa’s top IT Managed Services Provider (MSP) for small and medium businesses and organizations.

“I am very excited to welcome the GridWay team to the Storagepipe family,” said Steven Rodin, President and CEO of Storagepipe. “Adding to Storagepipe’s offerings, GridWay’s extensive cloud computing and managed services expertise will further expand our ...

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Virtualization 101

Check out the latest video from VMware, Virtualization Basicsto learn how virtualization works. This animated video shows how multiple virtual machines (VMs) can run on a single physical server.

Reducing capital and operating costs is just the beginning.  Virtualization allows IT departments to deploy new applications and resources faster and more efficiently. Downtime is minimized and businesses can be more productive.  The second video, Move to a Virtualized Datacenter, provides an overview of VMware’s virtualized data centre, reducing IT silos and simplifying IT ...

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The Battle Against Ransomware: How GridWay Can Help

We have all seen reports in the news in the last year about Canadian organizations being hit by ransomware.  The University of Calgary made headlines when they paid a ransom of $20,000.00 to their attacker.  These malicious attacks are crippling businesses and individuals across our country and it is no longer sufficient just to have a good anti-virus solution in place. A ransomware attack can come from spam email, email attachments, and through malicious web sites set up by ...

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Who Backs Up the Legal Firm?

Are you still relying on legacy data backup solutions? Are you still swapping tapes and paying for expensive software licenses?

Many legal firms continue to rely on backup technology that cannot meet acceptable recovery time objectives (RTOs), resulting in loss of productivity, loss of reputation and poor client service.  Use Veeam® and you are guaranteed to have a reliable solution – not only for backup, but more importantly for recovery as well!  Learn More.

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