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Virtualization 101

Check out the latest video from VMware, Virtualization Basicsto learn how virtualization works. This animated video shows how multiple virtual machines (VMs) can run on a single physical server.

Reducing capital and operating costs is just the beginning.  Virtualization allows IT departments to deploy new applications and resources faster and more efficiently. Downtime is minimized and businesses can be more productive.  The second video, Move to a Virtualized Datacenter, provides an overview of VMware’s virtualized data centre, reducing IT silos and simplifying IT ...

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The Battle Against Ransomware: How GridWay Can Help

We have all seen reports in the news in the last year about Canadian organizations being hit by ransomware.  The University of Calgary made headlines when they paid a ransom of $20,000.00 to their attacker.  These malicious attacks are crippling businesses and individuals across our country and it is no longer sufficient just to have a good anti-virus solution in place. A ransomware attack can come from spam email, email attachments, and through malicious web sites set up by ...

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Who Backs Up the Legal Firm?

Are you still relying on legacy data backup solutions? Are you still swapping tapes and paying for expensive software licenses?

Many legal firms continue to rely on backup technology that cannot meet acceptable recovery time objectives (RTOs), resulting in loss of productivity, loss of reputation and poor client service.  Use Veeam® and you are guaranteed to have a reliable solution – not only for backup, but more importantly for recovery as well!  Learn More.

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How Does Downtime Affect Your Organization?

We all know that downtime is more than just an annoyance and inconvenience. Depending on the type of business, even minutes of downtime can spell disaster. The negative impact of downtime can be pervasive and impact more than just revenue. The following article from Rachel Dines, senior analyst with Forrester, provides some good food for thought – how would downtime affect your organization? If you don’t have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place, GridWay can help.

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