Cloud Computing

GridWay Computing has been offering Cloud Computing Services for well over a decade. Long before the term ‘Cloud’ came into vogue, GridWay offered computing resources to customers delivered over the Internet. Learn more about GridWay’s Ottawa Cloud Computing Centre.

Colocation Services

GridWay’s Ottawa Cloud Computing Centre offers a cost effective and reliable hosting environment for your IT infrastructure. Our colocation services are monitored and maintained on a 24 x 7 basis by GridWay’s technical team. Learn about how GridWay’s colocation services can help your organization significantly reduce operational expenses.

Managed Services

GridWay delivers unsurpassed IT services through its Total Protection Program. Designed for small to medium-sized organizations, our IT outsourcing solution is available for a fixed monthly fee. Find out how GridWay can help your organization gain a better return on your IT investments.

Professional Services

GridWay’s Professional Services team is available for hire. We can assist your IT Department with the latest project, provide scheduled onsite visits to support your in house team, and provide consultative and design services. Learn more about Gridway’s core competencies.

Ottawa Cloud Computing Centre

GridWay will work with you to:

  • make informed decisions about your IT infrastructure
  • implement an affordable business continuity & disaster recovery plan
  • safeguard your data in a local data centre
  • deploy fully scalable Cloud solutions to meet the demands of your business
  • reduce infrastructure costs by moving to Infrastructure as a Service
  • transition IT from CapEx to OpEx

GridWay is Ottawa’s Cloud Computing Centre >>

Success Stories

Disaster Recovery Solution for a Global Company

TechInsights needed to solve two problems to be complete its disaster recovery planning. The first being a need to eliminate tape technology from their data protection solution while ensuring they had proper off-site data storage without jeopardizing retention cycle requirements. They wanted higher efficiency, better performance, greater reliability and lower cost in their backup solution. GridWay’s expertise helped TechInsights to implement a reliable and effective disaster recovery solution. Read this success story >>

Business Continuity

Are you confident that your backup system is reliable? Can you trust that your data and valuable information can be restored in the event of a disaster?

Learn more about Business Continuity >>

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